glycosyl group

glycosyl group
glikozidna skupina

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  • Glycosyl — A glycosyl group is a structure obtained by removing the hydroxyl group from the hemiacetal function, the anomeric carbon, of a monosaccharide and, by extension, of a lower oligosaccharide …   Wikipedia

  • glycosyl — noun Any functional group derived from a sugar (especially from a monosaccharide) by removal of the hemiacetal hydroxy group …   Wiktionary

  • glycosyl — The radical resulting from detachment of the OH of the hemiacetal or hemiketal of a saccharide. Cf.:glycoside. * * * gly·co·syl glī kə .sil n a monovalent radical derived from a cyclic form of glucose by removal of the hemiacetal hydroxyl group * …   Medical dictionary

  • glycosyl — noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary glycose glucose Date: 1945 a monovalent radical derived from a cyclic form of glucose by removal of the hemiacetal hydroxyl group …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • glycosyl — ˈglīkəˌsil noun ( s) Etymology: glycose + yl : a univalent radical derived from a cyclic form of glycose by removal of the hemiacetal hydroxyl group compare glucosyl …   Useful english dictionary

  • ABO blood group system — ABO redirects here. For other uses, see ABO (disambiguation). H substance redirects here. For use in inflammation, see histamine. ABO blood group antigens present on red blood cells and IgM antibodies present in the serum The ABO blood group… …   Wikipedia

  • ABO blood group system — Probably the best known of the blood group systems, involves a single gene locus that codes for a fucosyl transferase. If the H gene is expressed then fucose is added to the terminal galactose of the precursor oligosaccharide on the red cell… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Nucleotide sugar — Nucleotide sugars are the activated forms of monosaccharides. Nucleotide sugars act as glycosyl donors in glycosylation reactions. Those reactions are catalyzed by a group of enzymes called glycosyltransferases. Contents 1 History 2 Biological… …   Wikipedia

  • Posttranslational modification — (PTM) is the chemical modification of a protein after its translation. It is one of the later steps in protein biosynthesis for many proteins.A protein (also called a polypeptide) is a chain of amino acids. During protein synthesis, 20 different… …   Wikipedia

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  • phosphorylase — A phosphorylated enzyme cleaving poly(1,4 α d glucosyl)n with orthophosphate to form poly(1,4 α d glucosyl)n−1 and α d glucose 1 phosphate. SYN: α glucan p., glycogen p., P enzyme, p. a, polyphosphorylase. p. a SYN: p.. p. b dephosphorylated p. a …   Medical dictionary

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